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Baltimore Pool Table Repair Services

We provide professional billiard table services and expert pool table repair in Baltimore and surrounding areas.  Our team of pool table movers is experienced in all types of pool table services and pool table repair.

We guarantee the workmanship on our services for an entire year.

In addition to billiard tables, we also offer shuffleboard movers!

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This guarantee is issued in writing and backed by the American Billiard Installers Association. Most pool table repair services are performed on site and we can usually get you taken care of within a week depending on the complexity of the service or if there are special situations or materials needed. Give us a call for further details or if you are ready to schedule.

Baltimore pool table repair and services
Below is a list of the professional pool table repair and pool table services we offer.

  • Complete pool table move(this involves the proper disassembly, safe transport and professional pool table setup)
  • Proper disassembly and transport to storage
  • Safe transport of a disassembled pool table and proper set up with leveling
  • Complete moves within the home
  • Expert pool table refelting in standard or upgraded cloth
  • Replacement of the pool table cushions
  • And also the replacement of the set of leather pockets or plastic liners.

Our company services Ellicott City, Washington, Arlington, Alexandria, Germantown, Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington, Lancaster, Reisterstown, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Laurel, White Marsh, Calverton, Arbutus, Rosedale, Dundalk, Catonsville, Lochearn, Overlea, Parkville, Essex, Ferndale, Elkridge, Towson, Rossville, Pikesville We also travel to further locations if necessary (this may involve travel fees)

Why should qualified pool table movers take care of your pool table repair or billiard service? 

Our pool table movers combined with our team of professionals gives our clients a risk-free service and we are completely dedicated to raising the standards in the billiard service industry. We will properly break down your table or move it from storage facilities, your garage or just another room in the house. If you need carpet laid do not try to move your pool table! Sometimes this may seem like the best thing to do especially if you only need to move it to the side for a short distance. Again, do not attempt to do this, since this could cause permanent damage to the table or you could end up injured. Let us handle that 800 pound monster for you. Taking the table out of storage? We can take care of the pool table setup service for you.

Even if you aren’t an avid billiards player you still know the benefits of playing on a professionally set up and properly leveled pool table. We’re sure you also know what it’s like to play pool on a ragged old, unprofessionally installed and out of balance pool table.

So what makes the difference between a bad game and a nice flat playing billiard table?

To begin with the felt should be in good condition and well maintained, not to mention applied correctly by a professional. Keeping the pool table felt clean is easy but has been the subject of much debate between professional technicians. Another service we take care of frequently is the replacement of the pool table rails. This service is usually done in two appointments. We pick up the bumpers on the first appointment and take them to the shop and come back a second time to mount them on the table

Pool Table Removal

Our team can accommodate your pool table removal as well should you want to relieve your home of your billiard table. We can take most brands and types even if it’s simply for disposal of the pool table.

Experienced pool table movers guarantee precise leveling on every installation

The cheapest and fastest way to get pool table service done correctly on the table is to call a professional like us, rather than spending days trying to learn how to assemble the table or refelt it and hundreds on materials only to have to call us if the job does not do correctly for you. Our experienced team of pool table movers extensively level the pool table to achieve the best playing experience. There are a few different things that can cause a pool table to be unlevel. They are all pretty simple and a few of them can be fixed quite easily by an experienced pool table installer.

Keep in mind our exclusive guarantee is valid for a whole year after the service is complete. Should your table go out of level within those 12 months, we will come back and fix the issue at completely no charge. Also, should you need to get your pool table refelting service taken care of at the time of assembly or perhaps if the cloth is worn out and you need to have the felt replaced. We guarantee the workmanship against leveling issues since we provide and external leveling with each refelting service and additionally any rips or manufacturers defects are covered under a written guarantee for a full year upon completion of the service.

In our experience, the main problem with any type of pool table service is the do it yourself” moving or repair by the homeowner or buyer of the table.  This is the main cause of problems with installation or even possible destruction or damage to pool tables.

A professional will set up your pool table with proper tools and shimming techniques according to the type of floor it will be installed on.  Each piece of slate will be leveled with an extremely precise level to ensure that your pool table installation will be 100% accurate and flat. Please feel free to check out our pool table dimensions guide page if you’re still not sure which pool table size is appropriate for your game room.

Proper pool table repair involves leveling with sensitive equipment
A leveled table is a playable table.

This process of leveling the base, wedging, shimming and tightening screws on the slates takes experience to be done correctly.

We urge you never to attempt to take the legs off of a pool table and try to move it.  We would never do this unless we were dealing with a certain type of pool table which is very rare so we advise you not to try it, not only do you risk damage or injury, there is also the problem with the table not being level when you are done moving it, requiring you to call a pool table professional in the end anyway.

It does not really pay to try and save money by moving the pool table in this manner.

Give us a call at Baltimore Pool Table Repair and let us set up your pool table correctly the first time.

We offer Simonis billiard cloth as well as more economic alternatives.